Lost In Translation

Courtesy:  Klarika Huszar

Courtesy: Klarika Huszar

Hay una constelación sobre sus sábanas enormes
Suficientes para acoger un cadaver de gigante
Alguien me dijo que
No sabemos            aquí, en occidente
Lo que es un gigante
Pero enseguida rió y de su boca salieron rosas,
Llenas de espinas recorriendo los tallos,
Para llegar a mis pies

There is a constellation on his huge sheet
Enough to welcome a giant’s corpse
Somebody told me that
We don’t know           here, in the west
What a giant is
But then he laughed and of his mouth came our roses,
Full of thorns covering the stems,
To arrive at my feet



Here is Clam, lathering his saline tongue over a rough grain of sand. Savoring this small token of the beach’s love. Never would this creature have experienced such comforting dryness under normal destinies. Yet, here he is; a tiny, crystalline statue inscribed with the details of a life that he would never have known otherwise. Clam reads the Braille with his tongue, smothering and tumbling it around; making love to the ocean in his own way. Just as the ocean cradles Clam in its vast, sinuous arms, Clam envelops his lover. Many twenty-four-hour cycles chased themselves across the earth, and yet for Clam they passed like a few flicks of the tongue. And with fresh taste buds, Clam temporarily stops lapping to realize his lover has metamorphosed without his admission. Here, sleeping in his bed of flesh is this rock, this mature mound silken with age. Rock is impassive, Rock is cold, Rock yields not even a hint of the flavors that used to describe Clam’s world. Clam shudders, shaking off the layers or long-dead guilt. Expelling dust and crumbs and remnants of stale love with every tongue-scraping slide against his shell. All that remains of the relationship are the imbedded lines of old tales sand used to tell. This too Clam would soon shed, for every time he shifted he could feel these tattoos writhing within and throughout him. This gesture, which was intended to dissolve the past, simply made those days more prominent. Just when it seemed that Clam would never feel relief from the daily abrasions, Rock was gone.