Triptych (for Caroline)

CONTENT WARNING: Extreme Domestic Violence

Editor's Note: in May of 2015, Caroline Minjares was murdered by her estranged boyfriend, who then committed suicide. She was a nurse, a mother to two daughters, and a friend and colleague to Stacy Nigliazzo. "This piece is my attempt to give Caroline her voice back," writes Stacy, "and to promote domestic violence awareness." For more information on domestic violence, and ways to help, visit the National Resource Center at

—Yesenia Padilla, Poetry Editor


for Caroline

Stacy also sent us this picture of Caroline for inclusion with this post. If you or anyone you know is struggling with domestic abuse, please visit the National Resource Center, call the National Domestic Hotline, or visit to check out their extensive list of resources. 

Caroline Minjares, Courtesy of Stacy Nigliazzo

Caroline Minjares, Courtesy of Stacy Nigliazzo