The team here at Lumen thanks you for your contributions.

The team here at Lumen thanks you for your contributions.

Olivia Aylmer is a New York-based writer, editor, stylist, and proud graduate of Barnard College ‘15. She currently serves as a Publicity Assistant at Little, Brown and as a Contributing Editor for Narratively. Although she believes her truly golden years will begin once she’s a nonagenarian, in the meantime, she tweets, tumbls, and ‘grams like a true millennial. Read her writing: Interview with Starrene Foster

Magdalena Ball runs the Compulsive Reader review site and is the author of novels Black Cow and Sleep Before Evening, and the poetry books Repulsion Thrust and Quark Soup. Find out more here. Read her writing: Banning the Pan

Hannah Bonner's essays and book reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in The Asheville Poetry Review, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, Weird Sister, and The fbomb. Read her writing: Total Sluts: Re-examining The Concept of Soiled Femininity

Caitlyn Burford is a lecturer at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Read her writing: New Year's Resolutions Inspired By Things I've Read

Gretchen Comcowich is a Colorado native, a part time Nantucketer and a nonfiction MFA student at Columbia College Chicago. She also works as a publicist for several visual artists.  Follower her on twitter: @lidamarketing. Read her writing: The Water Gathers: The Feminist Aspects of Protecting our Oceans

Rosemary Donahue writes, edits, and enjoys over easy eggs. Those are the three things. Read her writing: Take the Advice You Give , Writing as a Process of Self-Investigation , Hey Other White People, We Need To Talk, & Interview With Lynn Melnick

Kate Gavino is a writer and illustrator in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram (@lastnightsreading) to see drawings and quotes from readings around New York City. Read her writing: Five of My Problematic Musician Crushes 

Claire Handscombe lives in Washington, DC, where she graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing in May 2015. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications including Writing Magazine, Writers' Forum, and the Washington Post, and she is currently pitching her novel, "Unscripted." Read her writing: On Books and Unrequited Love

Danielle Hartnett is a makeup artist who lives in New York City. She enjoys a good coffee and sleeping in. Read her writing: A Love Story That Began With Heartbreak: NYC + Me & The Love After the Love

Katherine Karlin's fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in TriQuarterly, [PANK], New Letters, and The Kenyon Review. Her short story collection SEND ME WORK was published by Northwestern University Press. Read her work: The Joke of Jewish Women

Elizabeth King is a writer, dog-lover, and ice cream enthusiast living in Chicago, IL. Read her writing: My Complicated Relationship with Alcohol & Every Man in Chicago Looks Like My Ex-Boyfriend

Diana-Ashley Krach is a freelance writer and author who has contributed to XOJaneHelloGigglesBarnes&Noble Reads and Good Housekeeping. Read her writing: From The Real World to Real Housewives: Women and Reality TV

Holly Lee is a writer and reviewer who loves to tell a good story. Read her writing: Fourth Grade It-Girl

Rachel Charlene Lewis is a QWOC, writer, editor, and graphic designer who is always on Twitter, @RachelCharleneL. Read her writing:  Thoughts on Publishing, Feminism, and Community from Our Friends at The Fem & My Feminism is Why I'm Never Gonna Love Amy Schumer

Kristen McGregor is an award-winning producer, director, researcher, and writer of children's media. Outside of her work at Sprout, she's creative partners with Jennifer Treuting at Squirrel Friends — a Brooklyn-based children's media collective. Read about her work: Fixer Lab and the Importance of Empowering Kids

Sammy Nickalls is a staff writer for HelloGiggles as well as a mental health advocate. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Read about her work: Mental Health and the Importance of #TalkingAboutIt

Stacy R. Nigliazzo is an ER nurse and a lifelong poet. Read her writing: Triptych (for Caroline)

Ruth Nolan is a California desert writer and professor. She is currently writing a memoir about her years spent as a wildland firefighter for the USFS and Bureau of Land Management, and also working working on a multimedia/writing project, "Fire on the Mojave: Stories of the desert and Inland Southern California Mountains." Read her writing: Over the Moon

Jamie Oliveira is a visual artist, writer, and activist for women's healing from San Francisco. Read her writing:  How I Owned My Depression

Stephanie Olson is a mother and writer living in far northwestern Minnesota, and her work has appeared with Red Bird Chapbooks, Versus Literary Journal, and Sleet Magazine. Read her writing: Admitting I Had Postpartum Depression Only Made Me Stronger

Yesenia Padilla is living her tightest life in her unconscious. Read her writing: Colorism in Latinx Communities & Catching Up With Amber of Femsplain! 

Sharon Pavlovich is an educator, clinician, artist, and lover of life. Read her writing: All the Things I Wish I Knew in My Twenties

Cantrice Janelle Penn is a queer, Black, femme-identified writer, educator, and artist whose words will appear in the forthcoming anthology, After Ferguson, In Solidarity (Mourning Glory Publishing). A recent graduate of VONA/Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation Writing Workshops, Cantrice is currently developing a full-length work of fiction. Read her writing: Dark Sciences: A People of Color Dream Retreat

Rebecca Peterson is a writer based in NYC. Her work can be found at, or contact her on twitter at @beckpeterson. Read her writing: Hallucinations of a Netflix Junkie & Keeping What I Can

Ramona Pilar is a writer/performer, emotional fluffer, and native Californian. She has a blast leading pop-culture myth-based creative writing workshops around Los Angeles and can occasionally be found troubadouring around Los Angeles with her band The Raveens. Read her writing: On Confidence and Community: Women Who Submit

Lana Schwartz is a writer who was born, raised, and continues to live in New York City. Visit for more of her work, as well as instructions on how to pronounce her name. Read her writing: The Painful Nostalgia of Wet Hot American Summer

Elisabeth Sherman is a teacher and writer from Seattle. Read her writing: With Black Widow, Joss Whedon Throws Women a Bone. And Fails. & Mad Mad: Fury Road Gives Its Women A Fighting Chance

Autumn Spriggs is a recent grad and EIC of The Fem Literary Magazine who you can tweet @AJSpriggs. Read her writing: Thoughts on Publishing, Feminism, and Community from Our Friends at The Fem

Meg Thompson teaches English at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. Read her writing: On Keeping My Last Name & The Weary Feminist Watches Morning TV

Jennifer Treuting is an Emmy-nominated writer, producer, and director, specializing in children's media and comedy. Outside of her work at Nickelodeon, she's creative partners with Kristen McGregor at Squirrel Friends, a Brooklyn-based children's media collective. Read her writing: Fixer Lab and the Importance of Empowering Kids

Veronica Varela is an educator at a high-performing, inner-city school in Los Angeles. Read her writing: When Education Becomes Protest , Odds Are, You Don't Have a Black Friend ,  You Can't Swim Here: America's Anti-Blackness and 100 Years of McKinney, & Why I Feel I'll Never Be "Mexican Enough" 

Sonya Vatomsky is a Moscow-born, Seattle-raised feminist poetess ghost; find her by saying her name five times in front of a bathroom mirror or at Read her writing: Write The Work You Want and Send It To Places You Like

Eugenia Vela is a Mexican writer living in Austin, Texas. She eats a lot of cheese and enjoys being asked if "Mexican" is an offensive term. Find her elsewhere on Red River Noise, Austin Vida, and her personal website. Read her writing: A Short History of Ordinary Objects

Cassandra Yost is a lover of nature, mom to four fur-babies, and wife to an almost-bearded, man-child. Read her writing: The Art of Unplugging